Portofino: an enchanting jewel on the Ligurian Sea

Portofino is certainly one of the most fascinating and prestigious places in Liguria. Its uniqueness is characterised by being a seaside village built around a small bay, with tall, colorful houses leaning against the small harbour.

The sea reflects the colour of the houses and the surrounding vegetation, hosting wonderful yachts that can enjoy the natural landscape of the village.The whole territory is part of the Portofino Regional Natural Park.

Several are the places to visit, such as the famous Piazzetta, the Brown castle and the beautiful Portofino lighthouse that dominates and guards the sea.As well as enjoying the panorama and natural beauty, in this wonderful village you can also walk among the prestigious designer boutiques, making your stay here a perfect combination of high society life and relaxation.

This magnificent place is so fascinating that, among many others, the singer Andrea Bocelli paid homage to it by producing a film entitled “Love in Portofino”, which was shown in cinemas in 50 countries.

Many artists and writers throughout history have been enchanted by Portofino’s timeless charm, such as Guy de Maupassant, who described the place as “a small village that spreads out like the arc of a moon around this calm basin”.