We love to take care of you

We focus on its potential, with dedication and regard to detail.

We present it to the world uniquely: Portofino Property always arranges, together with photographers and stylists, a professional photo shooting of the house, to highlight its features and characteristics.
Our agents master all the relevant aspects of your home, such that they can convey its true value with passion and competence.

Together with our brilliant team of architects, accountants and lawyers we stay on top of things, so that everything is taken care of. Our owners navigate smoothly the selling process up to the final deed.

Home Search

Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it our mission to find it. Portofino Property offers a service that is efficient and effective, but also highly personalised. Our first and foremost aim is to understand your dream: we search for exceptional properties in the Italian Riviera and in the most exclusive Italian locations, relying on our trusted and long-standing network.

Buying process

Communication is key to turning an otherwise delicate and complex process into a care-free transition. We collect and review extensively all records and cadastral documents together with our team of architects. We assist in making financial prospects and sourcing fitting mortgage options. We connect you with reliable notaries and we navigate with you the buying process up to the very end.


What makes our approach unique is the attention to detail: from design, to re-design, to execution we always value the bigger picture. When it comes to the key step into home investing we only work with the most capable partners. We are proud to introduce you to talented architects, interior designers and highly organized construction companies.


There’s a reason why we’re always invited to our buyer’s home inaugurations: we make the process smooth for them. We stay by your side when it comes to all-important needs. We see to tax payments, condominium meetings, connecting of all utilities and provide maintenance and repair to your home. Every detail is thought of: we would not have any other way.