CEO, MD & Owner

With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies at Nottingham Trent University, an MBA in Advertising at NYU and a previous career as PR and press office in the luxury segment between New York and Milan and over a decade of experience in the Italian high-end property market, Chiara has the charisma, ability and experience to bring the most unique and exquisite properties to each client.
With 12 years of expertise sourcing and structuring transactions for clients coming from all over the world, Chiara is able in the most distinctive way to find solutions for sellers and buyers that are practical, hassle free and unique to each.
Chiara has also the vision to disrupt the traditional luxury property by providing new solutions and services that is more in line with the rapidly current trends. Chiara is leading as CEO a very energetic, thoughtful, and ‘can do’ attitude team.
She’s fluent in Italian, English, French, Spanish.

After 25 years of industry experience, Chiara has learned that it is the relationships he creates with his clients that matter most. He believes that the people you work with make all the difference and he wants to be one of those people for you!

christelle jager-Hafstad

With over 20 years’ experience in entrepreneurship, special situations, and corporate finance, Christelle is Portofino Property’s finance and strategy mentor.
Christelle carrier bloomed in institutions and funds such as Barclays, Morgan Stanley and Baupost; she than successfully adventured into co setting-up and running a European/US Special Situations/Value Fund and in the entrepreneurship arena. Christelle is keen to bring her experience in structuring investments and setting up new ventures and her strong relationship network in US, France and UK to Portofino Property. Christelle currently lives in London, managing her own portfolio of assets and investments.
Being both the nerdiest and the coolest, she has great strength in envisioning new creative paths and provides the means through her passion for numbers to bring this to reality.
She’s fluent in French, English, Swedish, Spanish.

beatrice sommacampagna

Operations Manager

Beatrice, our ‘organised mind, and creative soul’, has a varied background, with a degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Management, obtained with flying colours.
Strongly oriented towards strategic and innovative business development, she is in charge of Operations, overseeing business processes from compliance to PR. Beatrice is in daily contact with our fantastic national and international network, with which she exchanges information and resources, to ensure smooth relations with customers and the market. With organisational skills and an innovative spirit, she helps the team pursue unconventional business initiatives. She is an incurable reader!

Ludovica Consiglio

Communication and PR

Ludovica, our “digital addict,” holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations & Business Communication and a Master’s degree in Communication, Marketing & Digital Strategy.

She has the important task of effectively promoting our reality, the people who are part of it, our mission and our values. With a strong passion for digital tools and social media, she is the go-to person for property enhancement through the most appropriate channels both online and offline. Ludovica works closely with domestic and foreign press offices and the rest of the team, to whom she communicates content-rich marketing initiatives. 

Her determination and attention to new trends make it possible to bring forth personalized experiences that are always mindful of sustainability. Her passion? Long walks with Isotta, her leonberger!


francesca schiappacasse


n honors graduate in International and Diplomatic Sciences, with a high-level network and great experience in local real estate, Francesca is passionate about architecture and literature.

Commitment, care and attention to human relationships and a sincere love for real estate have made Francesca a professional with great practicality, empathy and expertise.
Francesca is fluent in Italian and English and is a point of reference for national and international clients.
Her seriousness, availability and dedication make her the perfect real estate agent to rely on when approaching the Ligurian real estate market. Her favorite hobby? Traveling and long treks in the mountains.

roberta gaiotti


Roberta holds a degree in business administration and has spent 15 years in event and conference management, gaining solid organizational experience.
In 2020, she decided to follow a new passion and ventured into real estate with a focus on new construction.

Today, as a sales manager in new construction operations on the Riviera, she brings her talents and established network of contacts to the team. With enthusiasm, dynamism and impeccable precision, she offers high-profile real estate consulting.

Her professionalism and availability are the hallmarks that enable her to assist clients with dedication and expertise. She is an avid windsurfer, snowboarder and of course… loves to raise her glass for a toast!