Three panoramic trekking itineraries in Liguria

This land, thanks to the variety of its territory, characterized by the presence of both mountains and sea, allows to hike at high altitudes with incredible views of the sea,

Let’s discover Panoramic trekking itineraries in Liguria togheter!

Il Parco Naturale Regionale Del Beigua

The Beigua Natural Park is a protected area of Liguria in a territory that extends between the metropolitan city of Genoa and the province of Savona, including the famous Mount Beigua (1287 m).

There is a wonderful hiking network that covers about 500 km and allows you to explore all the environmental and historical-cultural beauties of Genoa surroundings.

Within the protected area there are accommodation facilities and shelters that allow hikers to stop and enjoy the landscape and mountain atmosphere.

Parco Dell’Aveto (Borzonasca)

This natural park is characterized by a great variety and richness of environments, which ranges from small lakes immersed in greenery to long, steep walks leading to peaks between 1600 and 1800 m above sea level.

Also worth seeing are the area historic rural settlements and sacred buildings such as the ancient Abbey of Borzone

Parco Delle Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre have some truly breathtaking paths on the hills above the famous villages, immersed in nature and overlooking the sea.Walking along them is a perfect way to get to know the Mediterranean vegetation, the fauna and the typical scents of the Ligurian land.

One of the most famous and also easiest paths suitable for everyone is the romantic “via dell’amore”. From the Manarola station, it continues along sections carved into the rock and along the coast on cliffs above the sea.

Another amazing path is the one from Monterosso to Vernazza, which has an initial staircase in the middle of vineyards and olive groves, continuing with a flat stretch and steep panoramic slopes overlooking the sea

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